Civil engineers carry out engineering work that falls in the category of civil engineering; this is a professional discipline that specialises in the design, maintenance and construction of physical and naturally built environments. There are many common roles that civil engineers carry out and these will usually include undergoing work relating to bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. Civil engineering is considered as one of the oldest engineering disciplines and it takes place at all levels throughout the world. A civil engineer will work for an engineering company that will usually offer work to a vast range of companies, from public to private.

Being a civil engineer is a specialist job role that requires formal training in order to become qualified. As well as requiring formal training a civil engineer will also usually be required to become accredited through joining a professional body. In the UK to become a civil engineer an individual must possess an academic degree that majors in civil engineering. This degree will cover numerous different areas including physics, mathematics, project management, design and other specific topics. In the majority of cases individuals that wish to become professional qualifications will usually complete a masters degree as well as their undergraduate degree.

In many cases civil engineering will be described as the job role of creating, improving and protecting the environment that every person lives in. This means that the work carried out by civil engineers impacts everyone because the work is fundamental in modern life. In order for transport and industry to function properly there is a requirement for civil engineers to be present.

Originally civil engineers would work on anything that was not related to military engineering. Although in the present day the life of a civil engineer is much more complicated and they have a vast range of important tasks to complete.